Now autumn is coming
Now where is this feeling coming from?
A sad song in the wind
It should be gone
A grey curtain is down
Who says we're not the same?
A carpet of leaves on the ground
So heavier the words
Old songs now that autumn's touched the ground
Falling from the trees for a verse
Are coming around
All songs remain the same
And you just stand there
Wondering why
We could live without fear
It's drizzling in your thoughts
The rising sun is near
There are tears on the roads
The next day will be clear
The sunny days are gone
So many dreams have come undone
You wish you were young still
I should have known that you did mind
Far from your doubts and words that kill
The clouds that made me blind
Are words I just can't find
And you would stand there
Wondering how
I just don't know what to dare
The trees could bear
The heavy sky
I don't have nothing to share
Sheltering sky
Musique : Lionel/Fred. Harpe celtique : Marion Thomas. Hautbois : Nathalie Petibon