How shall I know if you keep leaving me apart
Not to be lonely we buy pets dogs & rats
Whether we're dead or whether alive at last
Not to be alone we don't care about the price
If this is freedom to you
Some think - because they're two -
Do we belong to past?
Loneliness can't get through
There is one thing I can't stand after you…
We were born and we shall die alone…
I've tried to escape
Like a rolling stone
But no train can help
Made of flesh and bone
The gates of the temple could be closed behind us
I've never ever seen the organs
One of these days we'll wake up prisoners set up and lost
That should have played for two of us
Is there playwright
The Symphony of Destiny
Who's chosen the cast ?
And still, see her eyes
It's been going too far…
Neither good nor bad
What a mess
No more
I ain't gonna act
But simply sad
Breach of contract
Musique : Lionel .Trompette :Mickaël Plihon