Welcome to hell your
Some are born to sweet delight
Nightmare is to share and
As the prophet said
Welcome to darkness
The poet said
It's getting restless and
Some are born to endless night
When you wake up and whenever you are down on the ground
You won't need no light
You can make no sound
Through the endless night, man
You can reach no one
You don't need no key
Prisoners of their own shadows
You won't get no freedom
They're dying
Like ghosts of men
The more you scream the less they care
They say they are the ones who make the world go round
It's getting heavy on your shoulders
Now you're trying to hold a hand
You're the wind in the sand
Are you aware your friends are rare ?
The more you scream the less they hear
The whole planet is getting colder
Are they driving mad
It is so vivid and so real
Musique : Tristan/Fred/Vincent/Lionel/Pascal

Chœurs : Karine Audebert (Alto/Mezzo-Soprano), Cyrille Callac (Tenor)